You can easily dress it up or down and tailor it to every

You can easily dress it up or down and tailor it to every

To burn is to consume, wholly or in part, by contact with fire or excessive heat: to burn leaves. Scorch implies superficial or slight burning, resulting in a change of color or in injury to the texture because of shriveling or curling: to scorch a dress while ironing. Sear refers especially to the drying or hardening caused by heat: to sear a roast of meat.

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He refused to hand over the bomb, telling him, “I’m going to send this back to the old bastard that sent it to me”.[citation needed] Suspecting that Birns was behind it, Greene decided to retaliate. On March 29, 1975, Holy Saturday, the eve of Easter, Birns was blown up by a bomb containing C 4, a potent military explosive, in the lot behind Christy’s Lounge, the former Jack Jill West Lounge, a go go spot at 2516 Detroit Ave. Near St.

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