Today it is the official language of 20 countries

Today it is the official language of 20 countries

“It was viewed as canteen style dining, that’s it,” Tengker says. “Also 25 years ago, vocational schools and hotel schools were teaching only teaching French cuisine. That’s what people had to know to work abroad.” That outlook slowly changing resulted in a lack of chef driven Indonesian restaurants.

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500 g of flour 5 eggs
200 g of sugar 250 of melted butter
100 g of alchermens
Lemon peel
1 map of baking powder for cakes and 1 cup of milk < br> For the icing – 2 egg whites with 150g of sugar.
Separate the yolks from the egg whites, these whisk them to the snow
Beat the egg yolks to mousse with the sugar incorporate
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