Through its collaboration with Juno

Through its collaboration with Juno

I been getting my work outfit and breakfast and lunch ready the night before for over 10 years. My son has always slept in his school clothes (which is basketball shorts and a tee shirt so perfectly comfy to sleep in). Because I work out at night and my son plays sports or at least has gym class most days, we shower/bathe at night. A recent meal there began with coarse, crusty ciabatta bread, made by Beth Hardy, the restaurant’s pastry chef, and served warm with a zesty dip of olive oil infused with grated pecorino Romano, sauted garlic and lemon juice. Limiting myself to one slice was a challenge; luckily, I was aided by the next arrival: goat cheese fritters. The word “fritter” was a bit of a misnomer, as the tangy cheese was encased in a crisply browned phyllo wrapper not the deep fried dough one expects of a fritter, but delicious all the same.

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