This may lead to enhanced magnetic field generation in the

This may lead to enhanced magnetic field generation in the

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Fake Designer Bags Karato proposed that changes in the magnetic field might also deform the inner core slowly over time.[27]There is an East West asymmetry in the inner core seismological data. There is a model which explains this by differences at the surface of the inner core melting in one hemisphere and crystallization in the other.[28] The western hemisphere of the inner core may be crystallizing, whereas the eastern hemisphere may be melting. This may lead to enhanced magnetic field generation in the crystallizing hemisphere, creating the asymmetry in the Earth’s magnetic field.[29]Main article: History of the EarthBased on rates of cooling of the core, it is estimated that the current solid inner core started solidifying approximately 0.5 to 2 billion years ago[30] out of a fully molten core (which formed just after planetary formation). Fake Designer Bags

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