This family relationship would lessen possibility that the

This family relationship would lessen the possibility that the

Earth Hour 2009 was from 8:30 to 9:30 local time, March 28, 2009. The campaign was titled “Vote Earth” and was dubbed “the world’s first global vote” with one billion votes was the stated aim for Earth Hour 2009,[24] in the context of the pivotal 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference. WWF reported that 88 countries and 4,159 cities participated in Earth Hour 2009,[25] ten times more cities than Earth Hour 2008 had (2008 saw 400 cities participate)..

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Hermes Handbags Replica Recently, autosomal and mitochondrial DNA tests have shown conclusively that the mummy is that of a female and that she was the mother of Tutankhamun.[3] The results also show that she was a full sister to her husband, the mummy from KV55, and that they were both the children of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye.[3] There is speculation over the identity of the mummy from KV55 (sister marriage existed), with some Egyptologists, including Zahi Hawass, claiming the mummy is Akhenaten, and others, including anthropologist Joyce Filer, claiming the mummy as Smenkhare. This family relationship would lessen the possibility that the Younger Lady (and, by extension, Tutankhamun’s mother) was either Nefertiti, or Akhenaten’s secondary wife Kiya, because no known artifact accords either wife titles such as “King’s sister” or “King’s Daughter”.[4] The possibility of the younger lady being Sitamun, Isis, or Henuttaneb is considered unlikely, as they were Great Royal Wives of their father Amenhotep III, and had Akhenaten married any of them, they would have taken the place of Nefertiti as the principal queen of Egypt. The report concludes that the mummy is likely to be Nebetah or Beketaten, daughters of Amenhotep III not known to have married their father, although he is known to have had eight daughters with Queen Tiye.[4](Comment: Figure 2 eAppendix). Hermes Handbags Replica

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