These re probbly higher ticket items like pet cmers or a

These are probably higher ticket items like pet cameras or a

Day Gifts for Dogs 2018

As I discussed in my recent best moncler outlet gifts for cats post, it takes a certain kind of pet obsessive to buy their pet a Valentine Day present.

We already know that people go in for buying their pets a Christmas gift, moncler jacket sale with 74 percent of owners saying they would including 59 percent who said their dog would get their own stocking. It just seems wrong to leave them out of the festive giving season. They part of the family, too.

cheap moncler outlet But Valentine Day? Apparently so. consumers (that everyone, not just pet owners) would buy a Valentine Day gift for a pet. Business cheap moncler jackets sale Insider cheap moncler jackets seems to back this up, as well. cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler sale Being a dog owner myself, I take just about any excuse to buy my three knuckleheads something to chew on, play with, or destroy for their joy and amusement. As it is, I might just pick something up randomly at the pet store, anyway, so buying a little something on Valentine moncler jackets outlet Day really doesn seem all that absurd. cheap moncler sale

monlcer down jackets What should I get my dog for Valentine Day? monlcer down jackets

buy moncler jackets The way I look at it, there are essentially two categories here. Category one: Something moncler outlet uk simple and just fun. Toys, treats (especially ones they might not always get to have) things like that. Category two: Use this as an excuse to get something you been considering for awhile, but haven quite pulled the trigger to buy. These are probably higher ticket items like pet cameras or a smart dog collar. In addition to these, we included a few items that really aren for your dog at all, but reference the joys of dog ownership. buy moncler jackets

moncler sale outlet Another moncler sale outlet possibility would be to consider something like the aforementioned Barkly Pets, which is an app driven, on demand dog walking service. Whether you just get them a special walk the day of or initiate a schedule of regular walks, they appreciate the extra activity. Even if you walk your dog every day, adding in another one here and there while you at work (or really anytime: the service is available 365 days a year from six in the morning to midnight) will only serve them well in the long run. For my young husky mix, no amount of exercise will ever be enough for him, and the stimulation of walking with someone new now and again keeps him engaged. moncler sale outlet

The price point on this list varies quite a lot, but generally sticks to the lower end of things. Humans expect things like chocolate, candy, and flowers, so buying something on par with these things for your dog makes perfect sense. That being said, if you want to splash out, we got you moncler outlet online covered there, too.

Go ahead, spoil your canine friend a little with our list of the top 15 best Valentine cheap moncler outlet gifts for dogs.

cheap moncler coats 1. Up Country All Hearts Dog Collar cheap moncler sale moncler coats

Switching out your dog collar to match a festive season is an easy way to let your dog celebrate. Valentine Day is no exception. This collar is embroidered with hearts to fit the theme perfectly. and is available in four different sizes, all of which are adjustable. There even a matching leash if you want to go all out. A cheaper play on this idea is available from Mirage Pet Products, as well, moncler outlet store while Up Country also offers another variation on the hearts theme.

moncler outlet Need more options? Browse more Up Country products here. moncler outlet

Buy the Up Country All Hearts Dog Collar here.

Here another offering from Up Country, this time a hand knit sweater. We discussed holiday dog sweaters before because they just so adorable. This one isn so overtly tied to any specific holiday, but the heart will do the trick for Valentine There are four sizes available:

Small: Chest girth 13 16 inches, length 9 12 inches

moncler mens jackets Medium: Chest girth 17 19 inches, length 12 moncler factory outlet 15 inches moncler mens jackets

moncler outlet sale Large: Chest girth 20 23 inches, length 15 18 inches moncler outlet sale

XL: Chest girth 24 27 inches, length 18 22 inches

Need more options? Browse more Up Country products here.

Buy the Up Country Hearts and Flowers Sweater for Dogs here.

moncler outlet online For smaller breeds, you could take the Valentine dress up to a new level with this fleece bear costume. There a big ol heart on the back to fit the theme, while the hood turns your little dog into a cuddly bear. Especially good if your dog is cold at this time of year. There are five sizes: moncler outlet online

XS: Chest girth 11.81 inches, length 7.08 inches

cheap moncler jackets S: Chest girth 13.38 inches, length 9.44 inches cheap moncler jackets

M: Chest girth Moncler Outlet 14.96 inches, length 9.84 inches

moncler outlet store L: Chest girth 16.35 inches, length 11.41 inches moncler outlet store

XL: Chest girth 17.32 inches, length 14.17 inches

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Buy the AStorePlus Heart moncler outlet sale Bear Fleece Costume here.

moncler sale Since you have to swap out your dog bowl to clean it regularly, anyway, why not sub in this heart covered option for February 14th? Available in one, two, and three cup sizes, this is your standard melamine bowl stand complete with non moncler outlet jackets skid rubber grip and a stainless steel bowl insert. Both pieces are dishwasher safe, and you can either opt to use it as a raised feeder or as a set for food and water moncler sale.