The ship offers dancing and musical entertainment

The ship offers dancing and musical entertainment

What they do not allow is work which is encumbered by restrictions on reuse, redistribution, or modification.So much of what makes open source such a powerful model is that one person can write some code, release it as open source, then later one or more companies can use it, profit off of it, contribute their own patches, and make something far better than any one of them could have done in that time.Hence, Red Hat, SuSE, Canonical, Oracle, IBM, Google, Apple, Mozilla, even Microsoft these days, all profit off of free/open source software, some written themselves, some written by others, but they all also contribute to the pool of free software. Some of them may also behave in ways harmful to the open ecosystem, like Apple with their locked down phones and restrictive policies, or Oracle with their lawsuits over API usage. But they do all both use and profit from free software, as well as releasing plenty of it themselves..

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