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Flour 00 250 gr
Powdered sugar 30 g
Strutto 50 g
Bitter cocoa powder 5 g
Salt up 1 teaspoon
Cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon
Soluble coffee 1 teaspoon
Medium eggs (weighing 50 g unshelled)
1 White wine vinegar
30 ml Dry mullet 30 ml

FOR FILLING – Ricotta cheese sheep’s milk 750 g
Sugar 300 g
Dark chocolate drops 75 g

Sweet candied cherries 24
Icing sugar
Albumi 1 < br> FOR FRYING

Strutto 1

Before starting to prepare the waffles (called “scorcie”) put the ricotta to drain in a colander placed in a bowl and put it all in Sicilian cannoli
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