The following types of listings

The following types of listings

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high quality replica handbags Make sure you use relevant item specifics , and include product identifiers like UPCs and MPNs when applicable, to differentiate your items and boost visibility. We may also look at other parts of the listing, such as the description, to determine whether it’s a duplicate.The following types of listings, if they are for identical items, are considered duplicate listings even if the listing format or details vary:An auction style listing with the Buy It Now option and an auction style listing without the Buy It Now option for an identical item.A fixed price listing and an auction style listing with the Buy It Now option for an identical item.Separate listings for items that are similar but not identical, as long as the differences are clearly reflected in the title, subtitle, price, photos, condition, item specifics, or parts compatibility areas of a listing.One fixed price listing with variations.One fixed price listing offering multiples of an item.Two or more listings to sell bundles or “lots” of items, where the lots or bundles are very different and clearly satisfy different buyer needs. Be sure to use the ‘Bundle listing’ item specific. high quality replica handbags

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