The final draft listed and defined 70

The final draft listed and defined 70

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After the necessary time, take ete the dough for focaccia (13) and spread it over the entire surface of the pan (14), taking care to ensure that under it there is still plenty of Focaccia (fügassa) to the Genoese
and sprinkle with coarse salt, let it rise again at 30 ° for about half an hour (16). After half an hour take the dough by focaccia and press it with the fingertips, strongly impressing in the dough the characteristic holes that distinguish the focacciathe Genoese (17-18), at this point sprinkle the focaccia with the remaining 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil (19) and put again all to rise (for the last time) for about 30 minutes always at 30 °.
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