Some time after the sixteenth century

Some time after the sixteenth century

The place name Orange has a separate etymology. The Roman Celtic settlement was founded in 36 or 35 BC and originally named Arausio, after a Celtic water god.[5] The Principality of Orange was named for this place and not for the color. Some time after the sixteenth century, though, the color orange was adopted as a canting symbol of the House of Orange Nassau.[6] The color eventually came to be associated with Protestantism, as a result of the participation by the House of Orange on the Protestant side in the French Wars of Religion, the Irish campaigns, and the Dutch Eighty Years’ War.[7]It is widely accepted that no single English word is a true rhyme for orange, though there are half rhymes such as hinge, lozenge, syringe, flange, Stonehenge, or porridge.[8] Although this property is not unique to the word one study of 5,411 one syllable English words found 80 words with no rhymes[9] the lack of rhyme for orange has garnered significant attention, and inspired many humorous verses..

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