Prepare a baking paper disc the measure the bottom of

Prepare a baking paper disc of the measure of the bottom of

Layered cake with ricotta and raspberry jam

2 whole eggs
1 yolk
200 gr of sugar
140 gr of butter
250 gr ricotta
grated rind of one and a half lemon
1 sachet of baking powder
450 gr of flour
450 gr of raspberry jam

Work in a container the butter with the sugar and the peel of Add the eggs and then the ricotta; continue to work with the whisk Add the flour and baking powder Then divide the mixture into 5 loaves of approx. Prepare a baking paper disc of the measure of the bottom of the pan, will serve to help you roll the dough into the right roll out the first dough with the rolling pin and place it in the pan, place two tablespoons of jam on it starting from the center and leave about one centimeter free of the same. Continue with the second and the others to follow; the last will be used to prepare the strips for the grill and then for the all-white cord with the remaining egg white grid and the cord in Bake for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees..

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Hermes Belt Replica Pandolce with mother yeast
Manitoba flour 500 g
Sugar 130 g
Melted butter 125 g
Mother yeast 100 g
Eggs 1
Pinoli 30 g
Pistacchi 50 g
Candied Fruit 25 g
Sultanine Grape 150 g
Fennel Seeds 10 g
Orange Flower Water 1 teaspoon Honey 1 spoon
Vanillin 1 sachet
Marsala 100 g
Sale 5 g
Pandolce with mother yeast
December 22, 2017 by lericettediarcangela
The pandolce with mother yeast is a soft leavened dough which contains a mix of flavors and
Pandolce with mother yeast
30 minutes + 30 hours of rest Cooking:
1 hour
Cost: Medium


Manitoba Flour 500 g
Sugar 130 g
Melted Butter 125 g
Mother Yeast 100 g
Eggs 1
Pinoli 30 g
Pistachios 50 g
Candied Fruit 25 g
Sultanina Grapes 150 g
Fennel Seeds 10 g
Orange Flower Water 1 teaspoon < br> Honey 1 spoon
Vanilla 1 bag
Marsala 100 g
Sale 5 g

To facilitate the task use the planetary, but if you do not have this appliance, you can knead by hand, following the same
First you must have the yeast active enough, then refresh it three times in a day, before proceeding with the ‘put in the bowl of the planetary, equipped with hook, the yeast mother chopped, add 150 g of warm water and 250 g of tea. After the rest time, proceed with the dough: put the remaining flour in the bowl, add the marsala, melted butter, sugar, honey, vanillin, orange blossom water and
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