Pauli said, “Until we do, we have to set our regulations in an

Pauli said, “Until we do, we have to set our regulations in an

The Oneidas do not have to worry about one problem that might come with allowing teen agers to gamble: under age drinking. The casino does not serve liquor because of the tribe’s concerns about alcoholism among Indians. In Atlantic City, the minimum gambling age was 18 until 1983, when both the drinking and gambling age were raised to 21..

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3). “Science does not have good, dependable tests for allergens that are right all the time,” Dr. Pauli said, “Until we do, we have to set our regulations in an open ended way and be prepared to change them if we have to. We have told the industry to be cautious and it appears that, so far, they are following our guidance.”. Hermes Handbags Replica

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