Meanwhile, the Bulls, re energized by the trade deadline

Meanwhile, the Bulls, re energized by the trade deadline

Rose became the first Bulls draftee to score 10 points or more in his first 10 games since Michael Jordan,[62] and earned Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month honors for November and December.[63][64] During the All Star Weekend, Rose played in the Rookie Challenge,[65] and won the Skills Challenge, where he beat out several All Stars to become the first rookie to claim the trophy.[66] Overcoming a January and February slump, Rose returned to form and won monthly rookie honors in March. Meanwhile, the Bulls, re energized by the trade deadline acquisitions of John Salmons and Brad Miller, finished the regular season on a 12 4 spurt to qualify as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. Rose won Rookie of the Year, joining Michael Jordan (1985) and Elton Brand (2000) as the only Bulls to do so.[67] He was also the first number one draft pick since LeBron James to win the award.

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