I’ve even tried it once by plugging in adapter and the

I’ve even tried it once by plugging in the adapter and the

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Goldtops, the first Les Paul model, were produced from 1952 1957. Early 1952 Les Pauls were not issued serial numbers, did not have bound fingerboards, and are considered by some as “LP Model prototypes”. However, later 1952 Les Pauls were issued serial numbers and also came with bound fingerboards.

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When Greenberg came up with the Hotel EMC2 theme, he wanted to inspire dialogue about art and science. (There’s even a resident scientist at the hotel.) He also wanted to make a difference. The hotel provides financial support from direct bookings to Project Syncere (an acronym for supporting youth’s needs with core engineering research experiments), which helps pave a path for students in underserved communities to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers..

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One must be motivated, hopeful, and willing to learn for a better future. The aged or elderly population faces an array of challenges when there is lack of access to employment. The aged are faced with ageism.

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