In contrast, petrol powered passenger cars dominated the new

In contrast, petrol powered passenger cars dominated the new

Not one to shy away from good empiricism, I did a quick test. Like Rajaratnam, my parents are South Asian American and they are immigrants. I called them for their thoughts on the pursuit of success and on insider trading laws. In contrast, petrol powered passenger cars dominated the new registrations in particular in the Netherlands (74%: 2013 data), Cyprus (69%), Malta (68%), Estonia (67%) and Finland (64%). In 2015, the highest share by far of alternative fuels in new registrations could be seen in Italy (14.1%: 2013 data) and Poland (8.1%) and, from the EFTA countries, in Norway (12.6%). Far behind followed Sweden (2.6%), Liechtenstein (2.0%) and Turkey, Germany and Hungary with a share of 1.8% passenger cars with alternative fuels amongst the new registrations.

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