If people don want to see POTGs then they can filter them

If people don want to see POTGs then they can filter them

Matches on world cup is not Moncler Outlet a walk in the park just because you are playing against a team whose players are not playing in top european clubs.Mythaela 3 points submitted 7 months agoThat is why you should try to stay objective about everything when watching this show. Ulrich became “I don give a shit” person because of what happened in his childhood. Ofcourse you can feel sorry for the guy once you know what he been trought his childhood.

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moncler outlet online Leave the subreddit filters in place but don keep this self post rule for POTGs, and let the community decide what they want on their front page the way we always have, via upvotes and downvotes. If people don want to see POTGs then they can filter them. If you want to promote discussion then sticky the important discussion threads or start a weekly sticky discussion thread schedule. moncler outlet online

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