I’d seen my friends’ lives become consumed by their children

I’d seen my friends’ lives become consumed by their children

Privacy is defined as state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one private life and affairs. The distinction between private and public predates the English language. In Ancient Rome, privatus and publicus were juxtaposed terms that distinguished that which belongs to the state (publicus) from that which belongs to the individual (privatus)..

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Replica Hermes I admit that when I started this blog, determined to hang onto as much of my pre parent life and my pre dad personality as possible, I wasn’t totally aware of what I was getting into. I’d seen my friends’ lives become consumed by their children their personalities neutered by nesting, their social lives suddenly limited to the point of nonexistence and I recognized a lifestyle I wanted to avoid. Mom and Buried and I had no illusions about how big of a change having a kid would be, but we may have been a tad ambushed by how easy it could be to succumb to the sweeter side of parenting.. Replica Hermes

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