Folks wish you a happy Christmas

Folks wish you a happy Christmas

Before the episode aired, Showtime flashed a warning related to the Newtown school shooting that read: “In light of the tragedy that has occurred in Connecticut, the following program contains images that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.” It got me thinking about how desensitized we’ve become to TV violence, and I felt conflicted UK Replica Handbags watching, writing about and enjoying “Dexter” for the first time. Yes, it’s crazy people with guns who commit these terrible crimes.

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Designer Replica Bags The other ads in the series weren’t any sunnier one showed a small boy about to jump off a building, and another had an infant desperately clawing for a bottle of whiskey, possibly because they’d both just seen a Barnardo’s ad. They were attempting to make the point that children who are victims of abuse are much more likely to succumb to self destructive behavior as they get older and end up drowning themselves in liquor or blasting smack in some AIDS soaked dungeon. That a local councilor named Dave Butt (that is his actual name) launched a campaign to stop dog owners from leaving steaming piles of fudgebutter all over the place instead of picking them up with their hands like civilized human beings. Designer Replica Bags

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