Difficult for me to understand

Difficult for me to understand

In a bowl whisk together yogurt and sugar. Add egg and vanilla and whisk well to combine. Mix flour with baking powder and salt and add the mixture to yogurt one mixing with a spatula to combine then fold in blueberries. What is the average force in kN exerted on a 75 kg dummy by the seat belt?Momentum classical physics [ 2 Answers ]Is momentum how difficult it is to stop an object?2 dimensional questions in the unit of momentum for physics [ 1 Answers ]I am currently in a Grade 12 physics class and I don’t understand how to apply the notes I’m given to questions after. Hopefully someone can help me figure out how to answer questions from the unit of momentum. I can get the first section with p=mv I get that but when it gets into 2 dimensional.Physics : Momentum [ 1 Answers ]An 18 Kg Canada Goose is flying due south at a constant height of 75 m with a speed of 25m/s.

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