Ant Financial is not only an integral payment provider for

Ant Financial is not only an integral payment provider for

That argument seemed to be born out by an agreement Wednesday that will enable the jury to more exactly delineate the separate scope of each defendant’s guilt; the defense and prosecution agreed to allow the jury to consider lesser charges, including criminally negligent homicide and manslaughter, when considering each officer’s case. The officers have all been charged with second degree murder. This proposal, which was greeted with relief by the officers’ families and general approval from the legal community, leaves the door wide open for Carroll to take the brunt of the blame while allowing the other three officers to escape with little more than harsh reprimands.

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Have you noticed many ppl buying bitcoin at a completely unrealistic rate? Like paying 2300 or even 1300 per bitcoin? Are they using services like Venmo… And Squareup or what not? I lost my Venmo account forking around with these This is the first email I got :

Your Venmo account has been frozen due to recent activity that triggered some security Thanks,
Team Venmo

And this is the 2nd :

We’re writing to inform you that we’ve detected some activity on your account that is in violation of our User
Thank you,

The 3rd :

I wrote them back because I didn’t understand why my account go terminated:

I do not Please contact me so I can answer any questions you may have. My venmo payments have been reputable, I can provide you the source of my payments if you
I am open for communication and want to get this issue resolved



Thanks for writing in!

It looks like your case will take a little more
The 4th and final :

Thanks so much for getting in touch with
While we encourage the use of Venmo, we must ensure all users abide by our User
It appears as though your payment activity is high risk for Venmo and has caused loss in our
As a result, your account has been permanently deactivated and we regret to inform you that we can no longer offer you the Venmo
Please be aware that any future contact or inquiries will not be answered and that this matter will be considered closed upon your receipt of this
Thank you for using
Account Specialist | Venmo

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