And, perhaps most importantly, I realize that these simple

And, perhaps most importantly, I realize that these simple

Even if the case does not meet these criteria, the DSM IV definition allows psychologists to diagnose nocturnal enuresis if the wetting causes the patient clinically significant distress.[12]A review of medical literature shows doctors consistently stressing that a bedwetting child is not at fault for the situation. Many medical studies state that the psychological impacts of bedwetting are more important than the physical considerations. “It is often the child’s and family member’s reaction to bedwetting that determines whether it is Replica Birkins Hermes a problem or not.”[10]Whether bedwetting causes low self esteem remains a subject of debate, but several studies have found that self esteem improved with management of the condition.[13] Children questioned in one study ranked bedwetting as the third most stressful life event, after parental divorce and parental fighting.

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