6 of gross inland consumption, at 1 Mtoe in 2015

6 of gross inland consumption, at 1 Mtoe in 2015

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Hermes Replica Handbags EU 28 final energy consumption (in other words, excluding energy used by power producers and energy transformation processes) was equivalent to two thirds (66.6 of gross inland consumption, at 1 Mtoe in 2015. The least energy intensive economies in the EU in 2015 were Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Malta and the United Kingdom; they used the lowest amount of energy relative to their overall economic size (based on gross domestic product (GDP)). The most energy intensive EU Member States were Bulgaria and Estonia (see Figure It should be noted that the economic structure of an economy plays an important role in determining energy intensity, as service based economies will, a priori, display relatively low energy intensities, while economies with heavy industries (such as iron and steel production) may have a considerable proportion of their economic activity within industrial sectors, thus leading to higher energy intensity.. Hermes Replica Handbags

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