37 Amount ot Cash In canada goose store Hamlin Bank Amount due

37 Amount ot Cash In canada goose store Hamlin Bank Amount due

Mckean Democrat Newspaper Archives

PAGE TWO Canada Goose sale McKEAN DEMOCRAT, Canada Goose Online THURS. JAN. 6, ’21. THE FRY COMPANY JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE Thursday, Jan. 6 to Saturday, Jan. 22.50 Black Velour Coat, size j 14, Sale 10.50 Black Velour Coat, size Sale Suits Ladies’ Navy Serge, H size 39, Sale canada goose black friday sale j I Ladies’ Navy Serge, size canada goose clearance sale 42, Sale Price. J Choice ‘of entire stock of Furs, Muffs, buy canada goose jacket Scarfs and Fur 1 Sets in Siberian Waif, Yovette S Sealine, Moline and Kit canada goose Coney. g SALE PRICE i Welcome News: Not since the Kaiser com menced sawing wood at Doom have prices on dependable dry goods been so low as this great January Sale affords. Many http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org careful students of economics belieVe that prices have iff general hit the low mark for this year and that there will in all probability be a slight upward tending as the Spring’s demand are that as it lay to claim, to bring dp believe; however, that it is most certainly canadian goose jacket to your advantage to complete your winter’s buying and lay in the spring sewing supples while Canada Goose Jackets this clear ing sale offers such b’ig money saving opportun ities. Hosiery, underwear, furs, coats, cotton goods and many other lines have prices slashed tremendously. Fruits of loom’ bleached cotton with a high war mark of 6oc is now 256, silk Hosiery is now and so it goes with many’other items at practically half the high war. level. DON’T forget the pocket We are turning merchandise into CASH at these prices not book accounts, however, good the credit standing may be, charges will be made at regular prices only. 1 _ canada goose coats on sale House canada goose clearance Dresses 1 House ‘Press and Apron in J[ Gingham and Percale. January I Sale I 1 4 Off j Skirts Choice of Wool Skirts black, navy and plaid. 1 3 Off Arrow Shirts g Choice of Arrow Shirts, large line of patterns and colors and all sizes to choose from. I 1 4 Off s I Underwear Entire Stock of Underwear 1 Union Suits and separate gar jj ments for Men, Women and 1 Children. 1 REDUCED I 1 4 COATS Art Goods Your choice of entire line of B Royal Society Art Goods at 1 4 Off R. M. N. M. C. 12c Men’s Ties Men’s Silk Four in Hand and Bow Ties. Regular Value SDC to 20 per cent off Woolen Hose Men’s 750 Woolen Hose Black, Gray and Oxford. SALE PRICE s8c. n AUDITOR’S HEPOHT OF KEATING TOWNSHIP ROAD FtlWDQ, FOR THE YEAR ENDING DECEMBER t8T, ttCC. Audited at Hamlin Bank, 6 11, 1920 at Smethport, RECEIPTS. B. E, Curtis, Seoretary Dr. To Amt. re’od. from balance of 1919 Auditor’s Report (cash In, bank Coll. Rloo on 191J 19 29 tax duplicates Counfy Treaa. County Treas. By paid Road Masters C. H. Curtis 333.00 N. U. Hyde 242.00 Fred Hewitt J. H. Crawford 28.00 L. Vf. Thomas Total By Paid Team Work C. H. Curtis _ N. U. Hyde Fred Hewitt Total By Paid Labor C. H. Curtis N. U. Hyde Fred Hewitt Total By Paid Traction Engine C. H. Curtis N. U. Hyde Fred Hewitt Total By Paid for Supervisors attending convention Stationery, Telephone and Office Supplies Hardware Loans from Hamlia Bank Lumber Conveyance and auto hlra Gaaollna and Oil Printing and Auditing New Road Machines Freight and Dray age Coal ‘and Fuel Collector’s Fees Secretary and Treaauter Salaries Water Troughs Rent ot Land for BullcSng to house Road Machines Blaoksralthlng and Repairs Interest on Bonds Bonds Attorney’s Feeg Total 4 To balance amount fn Hamlin Bank Dec. 1st. 1920 To Balance amount In Hamlin 1st. 1920 Road Bonds Total H. J, Rice Collector in account with Keating Township. Dr. To amount due from Collector Rice on 1918 Tax Duplicate with 5% added to Taxes after October 1st. 1918. Cr. By amount paid on 1918 Tax Duplicate wltti 6% added To amount due from Coll. Rice on 1919 Tax Duplicate, 6% added Cr. SALE PRICE 39C Cotton Bats.290 j igc’Cotton canada goose outlet j LOT NO. 1 Value up to Georgette Waists j Great January Clearance of Blaci piush Coats, sz. 16 Silks, Georgette and Crepe de Black plush Coats, sz. 20 Chine Waists, fine assortment fl j of styles, colors and sizes to Copenhagen Golden choose from. Value up to Cloth, size.38 Great January Sale of the Redfern Coats and Suits. Fine assortment of styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Dress jj Ginghams .320 a: Dresses j Choice of all Wool I and’Silk Dresses j 1 4 to 1 2 Off Corsets 1 Choice of entire stock Thomson’s Glove Fitting and Warner’s Rust Proof Corsets. I 20 PER CENT OFF 688.00 11.90 30.01 1398.95 88.60 245.55 182.90 450.00 100.11 207.33 637.10′ 4.00 40.00 333.67 710.65 600.00 61.7B 5084.61 401.83 ‘52.14 9009.86 87.98 87.98 793.76 793.78 I v v Silver tone coat, size .3el MUSLIN UNDERWEAR i Black plush Coat, sz. 38] Choice of entire stock of la i Copenhagen Golden 1 djes> Muslin underwear, Gowns, Cloth, size.42! Skirts, Bloomers, Camisoles, i Black Cheviot Coat, Chemise and Corset Covers. I4’OFF Your Choice of! LOT NO. 3 I To amount due from Coll. Rice on 1920 Tax Duplicate To amt. due from Coll. Rice on buy canada goose jacket cheap 1920 Tax Duplicate belnff 5% penalty added Canada Goose Coats On Sale after Oct. 1st. Taxpayers to June 1st. on 1920 Taxes collected at Par. “on 1920 Taxes collected with 5% added of 1920 canada goose uk black friday Tax Exonerations due from Coll. Rice on 1920 Tax Duplicate with E’, added to Balance Total Dr. To amount of 1920 Bond Duplicate B% penalty added to Bond Taxes after Oct. 1st 30.06 I 6057.61 4395.77 231.33 626.40 110.32 53.48 (41.18 6057.61 1003.86 Canada Goose Outlet 11.34 SWEATERS Choice of entier stock of Sweaters for Men, Canada Goose online Women and Children. Sold in three lots at Waists AH Voile, lawn and Organdy Waists 1 4 Off OUT1HC FLANNEL 39c and 420 Outing Flannel a1 zgc. One lot of Outing Flannel i in short length. Special 2ic. lr Bi Navy Velour, size.43 lYour Choice of LOT NO. 2 j Value up to li Black plush Coat, sz. 16.18.18! DOLLS, GAMES, TOYS AH Dolls, Games and Toys I 3 OFF i m Tan Silvertone Coat, size Vdour Coa sz. lg Value up to i Silvertone Tan, size, i Silvertone Tan, size, i Silvertone Polo, size. Special cheap canada goose uk Your Choice LOT NO. 4 Value up to i Navy Cheviot Coat, sz. SHEETS i Blue Silvertone li Good quality Sheets. Spe Total Cr. By amount paid on 1920 Bond Duplicate, 5% discount ot 5% Discount allowed Taxpayers to June 1st, paid on canada goose uk outlet 1920 Bond Duplicate at Far. paid on 1920 Bond Duplicate with G% added to Taxes after Oct. 1st 1920. of Kionerationa allowed on Bood Total Due from Coll. Rice on 1920 added to Balance Bond Duplicate with 5% Total Liabilities of Keating Townihip. Amount due from Collector Rice on 1920 Tax Duplicates including 5% added alter October 1st, 1920. 879.37 Amount ot Cash In canada goose store Hamlin Bank Amount due from County Treas. McCann on 1920 unseated Tax Dup Hcate 1465.36 Amount of Cash In Hamlin Bank from Bond Fund due from County Treaa. Total Keating Township Road Supervisors hare on hand three Tractor valued at and road Drags valued at tlOOO if sold the cash would he considered a Resource. We the Auditors of Keating Township, having examined the accts. of Treasurer B. E. Curtis and Collector H. J. Rice do find canada goose uk shop them as above staisd and herewith attach our hand uk canada goose and seal. Chas. T. Frederick At Hamtin Bank Dec. 10th. 1920. Urban Fay S. D. Crawford.

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